In My Memories

This is my first poem, I wrote it when I am in my exile(IIT Preparation :P) trying to run as fast as I could in the race to be in one of the premium institutes. I missed my school and all the fun we had and my friend especially so I wrote this poem.

Those moments when I remember, I give a cry,

Ask the God to take me back in a single fly.

Those are all things we have done without shy,

But all those when I recall I give a sigh.

Every moment I remember, every second I spent,

With the friends all around at that instant.

They gave a zing in the life and all the moment to smile.

Where not we wandered, like clouds in the sky,

All the day from sunrise till the sunset,

All along the grounds and for us there were no bounds.

But the day came for us to part, like a thorn in the heart.

Like a tide in the ocean they passed away,

Like a gentle breeze with a lovely ease.

They gave me strength and ability to think,

They gave me experiences for which there were no references.

Keeping all those in mind we are now apart.

But we again meet a day, with our dreams fulfilled in the way.

-Dedicated to all my best friends

This made me realize the excitement in writing poems I hope you like this and reply with any suggestions or just lovely words if you like this.

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