Mom Dad Marriage Anniversary poem

This is the poem I gifted to my parents on their Marriage anniversary, they are a the most understanding and loving couple I have ever seen. They have always searched their happiness in making me and my brother happy. So I thought a of giving them a surprise gift on their marriage day with this poem written by me.This may not be my greatest poem but this is always going to be my favorite one.

I always ponder long, on what brought you both together,

Binding with a spell to hold each other forever;

Walking through life and afterlife, but depart never,

Forcing me to think could I travel like you ever.


This is where I believe destiny plays its role,

Relationship melded with affection, faith and sacrifice makes it whole;

Understanding and compromise reflects the family soul,

Interlocking the fates to strive for a common goal.

Mom, Dad you are a match that meets perfection,

Giving every quote of love a justification;

Caring and loving each other beyond universal depiction,

Leaving a paradigm for true love is your true destination.

-Dedicated to my beloved parents

My parents were really surprised when I and my brother gifted them a couple watches and I am very happy because they were bought by my own scholarship money and they were really proud of that.

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