Lamenting Soul

I have written this poem for my hostel creative writing competition. Theme is ‘Lies agreed upon’, this is about a jehad-hi who had realized his mistakes too late and is about to take his life for the mistakes he had committed. He criticizes the invisible borders and lines we draw between people in the name of God in this humanity.


It’s a beautiful world but filled with lies,

They call it faith with which they judge their allies;

Never realize the happiness of accepting each other without prejudice,

To think beyond these you should really be wise;

These shackles of lies bind our society in the name of god,

Judging each other by the practices they follow;

I was so gullible that I never realized their fraud,

Killing so many innocents with a heart so shallow;

I can now see through the mist that clouded my eyes,

Lies upon lies with which I lived on for years;

I could never forgive myself till I pay my price,

My soul is damned and full of scars;

With a lamenting soul I draw my last breath,

Hoping this humanity would liberate from these lies agreed upon.

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