My Angel

“But behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins.”
Mitch Albom, For One More Day

Things can change as you grow up, our priorities may change from time to time but one thing remains constant we are our mothers child, she never stops asking you about your health and safety, never stops to pray for our well being. With out her shoulder to lean on in difficult times and her hand to pick up when we fall we could never achieve our goals.

I think no quote or poem can explain mothers love completely, the purest and unconditional love one could ever expect. There need not be special occasion to express our love to our mother because she already know us before we do.

I am really thankful to god for giving me such a wonderful mother. She was my first teacher and never stopped teaching me what I actually require at that point of time (from walking as a child to behaving as a adult). This is my poem to my mom her birthday.

A sweet voice full of affection, calling my name,

Bringing me out of slumber caressing my hair;

Welcoming me into a new day with a smile,

How can I repay you if not with a hug!

Knowing my every need before I could sense,

Cooking my every meal with a recipe of love and care;

Thinking of me every second with feelings so dense,

Loving me so much that no one ever could dare;

Mom, you are my first teacher and guide,

Who held my hand throughout the journey with pride;

Your love is like a blanket which keeps me warm,

Giving me hope even in the darkest nights of storm;

As I grew older you let me go far away with silent tears,

Knowing that I have to find my own path without any fears;

But I always follow my heart even if the path is frightening,

Because I know you are always there for me to help me fighting.

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