The Afterlife

Yesterday I and my friends were discussing ghosts and life after death over dinner which was a pretty intriguing topic because it’s uncertain and unknown and doesn’t have one-word answers. So after I came home I thought of putting my imagination of afterlife into words, that was my inspiration to write this poem. It’s kind of philosophical but please bear with me.

Darkness is the last thing I remember,
Though it is completely dark, it’s vivid in my convulsing slumber;
Coldness overwhelmed my body as my eyes drew closer,
Helplessness engulfed me as I entered the void through a dark chamber;

Countless hours may be days have passed since I entered the void,
Deafening silence surrounded me with a lonely feeling I couldn’t avoid;
Days turned years while searching for a way out of this silent torment,
The moment I gave up, a sea of thoughts came rushing unmeant.

I pondered for years as the cycle of memories passed my conscience,
Examining each moment every mistake, accomplishments in my life;
Searching the meaning in every hour I worked for a secure future,
All the money I earned at the cost of my health and family,
I searched for something unknown retrospecting my soul;
I was sad but happy, angry but calm like a collection of paradoxes.
It might have been centuries, I couldn’t tell before I found my path.

As I truly embraced and accepted my life I saw a small glow,
That magnificent light, more serene and placid than anything I know;
As the light of Almighty whom we call by different names began to grow,
I shivered in that overwhelming joy as I let my emotions flow.

Here is the moment worth the centuries wait,
The entity where everything originates came to show my fate,
My purpose couldn’t be more clear in that instant so great.

Slowly all my memories started fading away erasing my identity,
Reentering the world after afterlife to face a new reality.

-feeling philosophical

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