Last Day at IIT

          Today is my final day at IITM. It’s raining outside after a long time, so I kept my door wide open, feeling the breeze and fresh smell of rain sitting on my bed, inside my room. I was filling up my clearance forms and then the realization hit me that I just gave up my right to room in the hostel. Next time I visit this room it will be someone else room, yes the tides change but the sea remains there. I just gave up my library membership, got my Institute ID card punched and took Alumni membership. This was my home away from home for the last 4 years and my room was my refuge from all the worldly matters.

           If someone asks me to choose a place to live for rest of your life, no questions asked; my answer would be IITM. But the beauty of IITM is not just its infrastructure or the natural vegetation or the playgrounds but the people over there. When I first came to Institute I was a completely different person. I was new to the world, just released from illusionary jail of IIT preparation. I came here with a lot of expectations, dreams and was in a view that the universe owes me something for prepping & cracking IITJEE. Well, I was right, Universe gave me the best engineering college atmosphere one could hope for. I may not have realized or achieved everything I wanted to do in engineering but I certainly learned much more about life, friendship, love, values to follow and taking risks in life than I could have ever expected.

          The best part here in IIT is not the subjects you study but the subjects you roam around with, day in and day out. When I first came to Institute only people I know are from my factory (school), when I entered my hostel I never realized that in 4 years this is going to become part of my family. We may have fought and had differences in opinion in many occasions but a part of my heart always wants to come back here and meet my roomies, wingmates and have those little arguments about absolutely everything in the world, crack some not so funny abusive jokes, drink together, put night outs together and frenziedly cram before endsems and that’s where we unknowingly develop from shy, ignorant and timid boy to a man who can look at the world from different perspectives. As the time went on in IIT there were different teams I worked with, each gave a different perspective and so many amazing memories to share and cherish for the rest of my life.

          In these 4 years I watched tons of Anime, Movies, cartoons, serials; went to all the different cinema theaters in Chennai; I have given and received treats in almost all the famous hotels in Chennai; Went to different trips with my friends; Did many stupid things. Things changed, priorities changed continuously from the first year. But one thing remained constant; Free will and opportunity to do whatever my heart wanted to do at that point. Well, institute gave me all the opportunity to do great things and gain knowledge and it’s going to be my bad if I choose to stay ignorant. Life at IIT definitely changes the way you think about the world and definitely gives confidence that we have a world filled with opportunities, we just need to go and put our potential to test.

          Today I became Alumnus and will always be until my last breath. But these friends and memories I gained here as a student will always remain with me. I don’t know where or how I am going to be in my next 20 years but the roots will always be the same.

Adios Amigos!!

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