Year in review – 2016

You have no way of predicting the future but you know when you get to hug your mom at the time of New Year, you will know for sure that her blessings will keep you happy throughout the year. That’s exactly what happened to me this year, I was at home with my family celebrating the arrival of 2016.

New resolutions, new challenges and new people to meet, all these ideas were running through my mind that night. But I never had a slightest of the idea that so many things can change within a span of single year. All my life I had been a student and always had some syllabus before the semester to learn; all my life I had either lived in home or hostel, always got my food served in a platter; all my life I asked money from my father. How would I know a year from then everything will be different, I am not a student anymore but a corporate employee struck in the flow of time meeting its demands. I am not in hostel anymore I have to buy groceries for my home and got to cook myself if required. I send money to my mother with an inflated chest.

There are umpteen number of things I want to talk about this year, let’s start with my favourites. In a year my favourite anime character changed from ‘Naruto’ to ‘Luffy’, and I am sure it’s highly improbable to change to any other. My favourite food changed from ‘fried fish’ to ‘Afghani barbeque’. Language of my favourite song changed from ‘Telugu’ to ‘English’. My favourite fantasies changed from ‘weird’ to ‘weirder’. Genre of my favourite serial changed from ‘action fantasy’ to ‘sitcom’. My favourite brand of drink changed from ‘soft’ to ‘hard’. My favourite way of communication changed from ‘phone call’ to ‘WhatsApp’. Number of names in my favourite contact list changed from ‘5’ to ‘10’.

I can divide my year into 2 disjoint sets with a transition in middle. First one was last stage of my student life and the other is the starting stage of my professional life. One where I am going to leave my old friend other where I am going to gain many new and few are for life. One where I have thought I learnt many things and other where I get to test how well I learnt those. One where I earned my degree certificate and other where I get to use that degree certificate.

First 6 months of my year was all about making them unforgettable so that I can tell all those stories later in life. My last Saarang with me as one of the heads, with Placements in middle; and the sleepless nights I have to stay awake in order to do justice to both. That’s when I understood the phrase ‘mind over matter’. My first press conference, my last hostel nights, All my final year treats, all the final year late night conversations about absolutely nothing to everything, one last wolf night with my factory mates, one last booze party, one last blackout in college, one last photo shoot, one last look at all the crushes in institute, one last trip with college friends, one last project to pass them all, one last goodbye after convocation.

Transition period was all about giving myself confidence that I always have people who I can depend upon. Which includes my family and school friends, whom I have known for almost all my life and who still refuses to leave me alone. I got to go on one proper trip with them after 9 years, where we each got to understand why we love each other’s madness because that’s how a group survives the barrier of time and distance. We started right where we left even after years of separation. Got to go on late night road trips all around the city the same way we did years back. My first non-pilgrim trip with my mother and got to know how much she draws her strength from me & my happiness. Idle time with my equally mad brother for a month which gave me time to catch-up so many untold stories and struggles which we forget to share, caught in the daily stream of routine. I learnt how difficult it is to give farewells to the loved ones during this period.

And coming to the final 6 months, these were so extraordinary that I didn’t miss my institute during these days. I can never forget the feeling of entering the office on the first day in formals, scared to death & constantly questioning my worth till I found a similar set of people thinking the same thing. My first mentor who understands the only talent I have is the aptitude to learn new things and improvise. My first office party and many more which continued after it. My first apartment ‘Sivaalaya’ hub for all the madness which has 6 different people and 2 extended members each with completely different characteristics and personalities but as a group I couldn’t find them more compatible. How am I to expect that these people could even threaten the place of my school friends. With a streak of trips which followed ranging all over south India, The risky & tiring road trips and infinite number of movies we watched only made the bond stronger. Numerous DJs & house parties made me realise that even I can dance and gave some food to savour for the crazy angle in me.

So today when I look back and question myself where did I reach by the end of this year and how productive I was. I can confidently say I have come a long way, I have made some friends for life and lost few fears which haunted throughout my life but the best part was the journey rather than the destination itself. 

[ Hi Guys, how was your 2016 ? Good/bad/great I suggest just write it down. You get a great opportunity to reflect upon it and a chance to make 2017 even better]

#YearInReview #ExpressInWords

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