Dreams Worth Dying

Hi Guys,

Everyone has some dreams but how many of us really give up everything to perceive those. It may sometime happen that, we give all our heart and still fail to achieve that goal.

This is the story of a person who gave up everything in his life on a belief of making the world a better place and ends up being executed in public. This is his story in the final moment of his life & his thoughts before being executed.


He looks into the crowd for the first time, searching

For the familiar face which he remembers every night before sleeping.

As the axe rise into the air, the silence was apparent,

But there was one heartbeat, beating hard with unbearable lament.


He could spot his love among all the hatred around him,

It was simple task of finding the warmth in a finger biting cold.

She didn’t age a day, she was a question time failed to answer,

Her scars still remain fresh, depicting the stories untold.

He left her with his unborn child, years ago joining the resistance,

Hoping to see his kid in a better world he was planning to build.


All his efforts, all his sacrifice spiraled down to this moment,

Waiting for the raised axe to cut the guillotine rope.

Nothing matters now, except trying to escape this torment,

Her eyes are the only solace, where he could find some hope.


Man with a dream was what, he wanted her to remember,

Even the swooshing sound of the blade couldn’t make him falter.

With a smile, he winked at her for one last time,

He couldn’t play with his child, that was his only known crime.


As the blade behead him, crowd turned around with a frown;

But to her, he is the only person worthy of wearing the crown.

Please let me know your views on this poem 🙂


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