In a Circus called Life

Hi Everyone, ever wondered what are we doing in life. I guess that’s the first question we ask everyday before going to sleep. So here is a poem, I tried to explain what we do everyday comparing it to a circus.


In the circus of life, I play around; doing the trapeze act,

I never fear falling on ground hoping my safety net is intact.

Scary are the rings of fire which I jump through, trying not to react;

Waiting for the show to get over just to know its impact.


Training every day & night under someone else flagship,

Imposing our will on the animals at the end of a whip.

Forgetting family & friends as we let our humanity slip,

trying to impress everyone in the crowd as we drip.


Creating an extravaganza, just to capture the crowds delight,

Indulging in riskier acts as we continue in our plight.

Bearing a fake clown smile everyday as we mourn every night,

Always trying to satisfy someone as we suffer the blight.

So do you think we are wasting most of our time trying to impress people? Do you think this is an accurate description? Please comment your views about this 🙂

#CircuscalledLife #ExpressinWords

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