Finding My One Piece

Hi guys, being a comic/anime fanboy has its perks & disadvantages, people may think you are crazy but that’s just a lot of fun. you get to live in that awesome world away from this mundane reality. You get to fly on dragons, speak with animals, fight few giants & much more, you just need to be brave enough to dream.

But there are few characters & shows which are so close to heart, you learn many things from it that it becomes a way of life. For me, One Piece is one such anime which has swept me off my feet & got me addicted to it. Eiichiro Oda is storytelling genius who has brought the character ‘Monkey D Luffy’ into life 20 years back. This poem is a tribute to that person & his crew.


My rendezvous lies beyond these blazing horizons,
Where the sky meets the sea & the sun meets the land.
Looking for a treasure which could even tame titans,
Steering my ship through the terrors I don’t understand.

Gathering a crew, that dare to dream the world beyond,
Looking for fun in the unchartered waters with lurking monsters.
Supporting each other in our every endeavor, 
Fighting the ghosts of their own, while we strive together.

Sailing from Island to Island in quest for my treasure,
As finding new adventures is where we take our pleasure.
Embracing the chaos while we live a life of full of excitement,
Making new friends & blasting enemies as we hate indictment.

Taking down the emperors of the sea while we advance,
A band of misfits we are, while we have a bounty to enhance.
Camping in the woods, scaring the animals with our songs and dance,
Living yet another day having banquet while life gives us a chance. 


Don’t you think he is cool? He doesn’t want to be a hero because heroes share their food. He might be the dumbest superhero I know but he gives me insights on how to lead a happy life.


Let me know if you have any such characters who changed your way of life in the comments below.

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