Year In Review – 2017

If all my years were to represent the types of drinks in a bar menu, then 2017 is definitely a cocktail. It was a mixture of everything, with all the emotions I could fathom, with all my lowest points that are balanced by all my highs, with all the friends I have given farewell to & many more I had made, with all the failed plans & successful trips this year had been a roller-coaster ride.

          I would say this is a year of travel & celebrations, I had bought my first trekking bag which accompanied me for more than 10000 km this year on road. I went on a road trip with all 3 of my ‘the best friends’ of my life, I went on a road trip with my family, covered 12 states this year, tried out new adventures, trekked a little bit, experienced snow for the first time, organised get together, celebrated infinite birthdays. This year I have met all the batches of friends from school, inter, engineering & job, made infinite memories and a road map for more.

          Most part of my year was spent in my first apartment Sivalaya, which had become my another home with extended family. It had witnessed my complete me, my transformation from a student to professional, my loneliest moments, my happiest moments, my tears of joy & sadness. We had infinite house parties, food festivals, DJs, games, bromances, dance performances, birthday plannings,  celebrations, fightings & many more. I came to believe that family is not just related by blood but can form through experiences together. I realised how attached I was to that place only after I left Chennai, It was not the place but everyone who lived in it that made it special.

          I went to a trip that I dreamt of from school age, I went to Manali with my school friends. The sound of that itself gives goosebumps, It was the perfect trip I could imagine, even with the budget crunches, time constraints & long distance bus journeys. We are so compatible that we just fit in & I can overcome any situation together. There was not a single point of time in the trip that I feel can happen better, each and every moment was a blessing. This trip had given me a confidence that I have a group of people with whom I can always be that 8th grade kid who believed in superheros.

           Best part about this year is my parents 25th marriage anniversary & I believe they really deserve a gold medal for putting up with me & my dumbass brother all these years. I got to visit my family get together in my grandma’s house, the complete set of cousins, uncles & aunts. We went on a family road trip together, which might not be perfect but it was an expression from everyone that they are willing to come out of comfort zone for each other. Many things changed over the past decade but they never forgot how we used to celebrate mine & my mothers birthday together every Dussehra & how much we love each other.

          This was my first year completely in a job, trying my best to be independent, responsible & making memories on the way. I had made few big mistakes, achieved few great things, moved to a new city, got a new home independently, made few savings, spent most of money on travel, learnt some dance moves, made few besties for life & distanced with few for good, tried a little bit of everything good & bad. I have learnt so many life lessons this year that had set a mark for new beginnings in 2018.

How was your year? good, bad or a mixture of both. Let me know your review of the year in the comments, your awesome stories of 2017 that you would reside to your grandchildren. 

Happy New Year friends & make 2018 an ‘Year to Remember’

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