Top 6 fads last year

Have you ever felt that nothing is permanent in this era? One day you listen to a song and you hear hundreds of people humming the same song around you, but within a month it just fades away only to be replaced by another one.

We are living today in a fast-paced, meme-based world where we always have something going viral on the internet. There are always thousands of people waiting to post that out on social media just to say that they are up to date with the trending news.

This has become a way of life for us. We always need something viral to distract us from the hustle & bustle of our daily routine lives. They have become a reason to laugh, a method to talk to our old friends & a rationale to stay on social media.

So here I have tried to mention 6 fads which went viral in the last year and a half from mid-2016 where we went absolutely crazy over it and now they are nowhere to be seen. Maybe we can find them in the facebook memories over time & reshare them.

  1. Pokemon Go

pokemon fad

This app was an instant global sensation. It gave all the anime & cartoon fans a reason to relive their childhood.It had around 21 million active users just in the US in its initial days.It gave a new reason for people to walk around the city, not to appreciate the nature but to catch your Pokemon. You gotta catch them all :P.

This trend reached a whole other level when Uber & other entrepreneurs started offering services for just $20-$25 per hour where a driver will chauffeur you around to play in cities like New York, Portland, and Baltimore.But soon it became lost in the flow of time & became dormant.

  1.  Trash Dove


This Facebook sticker sure would have popped up in at least one of your FB posts. When it first debuted in February last year, it was hard to look at our FB feed without this distressed purple bird banging its head all over the place.

This animated emoji of a head-banging pigeon has suddenly gone viral in Thailand and later became the heart of parodies & memes all across the social media. Well, our pigeon died a natural death over time.

  1.  Prisma

prisma fad

This app is a magic combination of AI & deep learning algorithms with your photo to convert it into an artwork using the style of famous artists like Picasso, Van Gogh & Levitan.

There was a time when all our Facebook & WhatsApp profile pictures were filled with pictures from Prisma. It had more than 10 million downloads both in ios & Android with 1.5 million daily active users during its initial phase. This trend has died over time with various photo filters published by mainstream social media like Instagram & Snapchat.

  1.  Sarahah

sarahah fad

Sarahah which translates to frankness or honesty in Arabic, literally enables users to give their honest & candid feedbacks & critics anonymously to your friends about this app. This has caught the world on fire recently with people posting their anonymously received messages on social media. It had even become the number 1 app on play store during July 2017 even beating Snapchat, Facebook, WhatsApp. The trend has definitely decreased over the time now & adjusting to its natural flow in the social media.

  1.  Fidget Spinner

fidget spinner fad

It’s a simple spinning toy with ball bearings in the middle which took on the teen world by storm while adults were scratching their mind what made them this famous. This spinners held top 16 spots in the Amazon ranking of most popular toys with 17% of total toy sales in may. Its price ranged from 1$ to 100$ online giving a tough competition to iPhones 😛

We couldn’t watch a YouTube video without a with fidget spinner related videos popping up everywhere in our feed. But this trend is slowly leveling up as the toy which claims to avoid distractions has been a cause of major distraction all around the world.

  1.  Mannequin Challenge

manneqin Fad

This challenge has brought most of the people on the internet to stay still while a moving camera captured them & post it on the social media with #MannequinChallenge. This was the Ice bucket challenge of this year with all the celebrities & even the white house taking part in the challenge. A group of Florida high schoolers had started this viral trend in October 2016 which spread like wildfire.

This challenge had its time for months freezing everyone in time on the internet. Like every other fad, this has also come to an end over a period of time.

I am sure we have many other fads waiting for our attention this year. Do you feel any other fad deserves to be on this list, let me know in the comments session below.


2 thoughts on “Top 6 fads last year

  1. Trash dove was such a fail. 😛
    I remember opening my FB account one day and all the memes in my feed were about trash dove. Before I could take a moment to understand what it’s all about, the fad went away. Guess it had the shortest life span among these. 😀
    True, nothing is permanent,, apart from your own self. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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