Ignited Soul

Ever wondered what wins battles? Behind every legend on a battlefield, there is an untold story & pain which ignited their soul. It’s the pain and resolves they take after that makes them do wonders or set them on a dark path. Here I tried to capture the journey of a girl who had gone through that pain and her decisions after that in the form of a poem.


She stood there lamenting, as the seasons passed,

Through stormy rains & snowy winds, she stayed steadfast,

In the spot where all her dreams & hopes got smashed,

Demanding the gods to give her the power to change the past.


No one could dare speak to her about that day,

As she let her shattered pieces of soul fade away;

Turning herself into stone with a cold heart,

Plotting the death of an entire empire on a chart.


She is a delicate rose that got tramped in war,

Now lost its fragrance & beauty but not its thorns,

She returned to her empty home & there she swore,

To destroy the person responsible with her bare arms.


She marched the battlefield with her mad rage,

To fill her void with the blood of every man she engage;

She rampaged her way forward into Armageddon,

It was the legend of her sacrifice that won the battle when they reckon.


I feel everyone is fighting their own battle & their ability to deal with pain determines if they are going to be legends or not. let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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