Fools Day

It’s Fools Day already, the day for all the practical jokes & hoaxes. Time to bring the most creative ideas out of your routine struck brain to fool your friends & family while they are already expecting. That’s where the challenge lies, laying a trap while trying to look for a few aimed at you.

The most interesting part of it all is bringing the inner child in you to just laugh at others & getting laughed at while not feeling offended because deep down we know, we were all fools once and maybe even now. Every year when we look at the things we have done last year, we bring out a sigh and shake our head about how foolish we were just a year back.

I remember my school days where everyone is trying to come up with something to fool each other & that innocent laughter at those not so canny pranks. Fools day is the day even teachers try out stupid stuff & tell crazy stories to spice up the occasion. The most vivid memory of my childhood was the days after Australia winning world cup over India in 2003, a newspaper published a crazy article about hidden springs in Ricky Ponting’s bat & Symonds was on drugs. I remember running to all my friends’ houses to tell them that we are going to get the world cup. Just to be fooled the next day, I felt like an idiot that day but looking back now I feel I remember only the times when I did something crazy, made someone fool or became one. I am happy to have those great experiences that have shaped my world today.

Fools day becomes important for the reason that we are all kids at heart and we can stay that way if we wish to, but the fear of judgment by the people around you keeps that kid locked away. On this day we have a reason to open that lock and let the laughter flow out of our heart. Where parents become kids & children become more vigilant in trying to figure out prank from a normal situation.

How lucky would it be if every day, people are not afraid to make fool out of themselves & be judged by others? Maybe that’s the reason we love Mr.Bean and Charlie Chaplin so much because we can relate to them at some level & wish to stay as innocent & carefree as them.

I wish you all a very happy fools day 😛 and do your best to enjoy the day. Please do comment the best fools day prank you did or became a victim of, in your life.

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