Fathers Words on Mothers Day

If I ever had a daughter, I would ask her to call me Mr. Mom, so that she knows I am always there for her like her mother, just like my mother was always there for me. I would teach her to be strong, Independent but also sensitive to understand others pain just like my mom. Mama always told me this world is as good as it is bad, as light as it is heavy, as kind as it is cruel, as brighter as it is dark & I would teach her the same, to be kind but not too naive. You will never be able to catch all the pain that falls down on earth, you will only bruise yourself, sometimes the splinters on your feet after a thousands of miles of travelling for someone might go unnoticed & sometimes when you try to fly out into the air from that phone booth to save someone might be the ones standing on your cape and its okay, trust me we were all there.

My mom always told me to be brave & believe in myself, I will pass on the message. Never to be scared to take a punch or throw one if required, this world is gonna drown you down to teach you to swim, throw you off the cliff to make you fly, beat you to the pulp to make you fight back. So when I see the look I recognize, I will let her know that you have to face disappointments and not to lose hope, people we love the most are the people that let us down the most. I have disappointed my mother many times, she chided me sometimes and sometimes she swallowed it and let me learn from my mistakes but she was always there when I needed a good advise. So I will teach her to learn from her mistakes and forgive others for theirs.

Most of all, I will teach her the art of letting it go, of others expectations on her, others demands on her and societies roadmaps for her. I will take the burden of facing them if required, like my mom had always done for me asking me to follow my heart, exploring the unknown, embracing the uncertainty & never stop fighting for my passion. I will let her know that there are people in every corner of this world trying to spread hatred and cynicism, if they ever try to influence you, lead them to me. I will deal with them as my mother dealt with all my inner devils.

I will assure her, she has time & power to be every last thing she ever wanted Princess, Zookeeper, Astronaut, Scientist or an Artist, if only she keeps her mind to it. I will ask her to travel her life paving her own pathway and if she ever stumbles in her journey, she knows that her mother will always be there to pick her up, so do I.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-13 at 13.44.52

– Happy Mothers Day guys

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