My Trip to Budapest – Day 1

I guess I would be haunted by the beauty of Budapest throughout my life. A city of Statues, Baths & Bars, a paradise for explorers with something wonderful at every turn. As the saying goes ‘Budapest is always a good idea’ & when you have a choice to decide between Buda and any other city, it’s always Buda.

I had Friday off, I booked tickets to fly to Budapest on Thursday afternoon from Skavsta Airport in Stockholm. What I didn’t realize is its around 100 Kms from my place and there is a full day workshop in office. So I decided to take the workshop from the airport and started very early in the morning and it was worth it.

Day 1:


I reached Buda Airport in the evening & took a bus to hostel one that I have booked online. I was not so eager to reach the hostel as it would be boring to just stay in a place, I wanted to look around the city and get familiarized and then go to the hostel. I had a stroll from the metro to my hostel and, oh boy! I couldn’t be more wrong. As I reached the hostel it had given me a college vibe with people gathering in the breakout area with a bar for the complimentary dinner. I wanted to ask if they were all traveling together but when I saw the activities and schedule for the day on board, I understood what’s going on. Nothing brings you closer to each other than drinking games and I am just in time for that.

I went into my room with the bunker beds, met two of my roomies who are from France. I had dinner outside and headed back to the hostel for the drinking games, I wanted to check out what do they actually do in these games, so I joined out of curiosity. We played ‘cheers to the governor’ which took at least 2-3 rounds of explanation for everyone to be on the same page with ever increasing crowd size and then a ‘board game’ followed by ‘Kings Cup’. One thing I could say is there is a lot of drinking and chugging, I was the unlucky person who got to chug the Kings Cup which contained all the drinks of the people who previously got King in the game, I had to excuse myself to the washroom after that but it was fun.

After people were nearly wasted, it was time for us to head towards Ruin pubs. We walked through Budapest streets they were calm in the start but they quickly became noisy with various other similar batches like us. We were in for a treat that night with a lot of booze and music, I just let myself loose after reaching a dungeon with DJ, I danced like no one was watching and clearly none were watching me after half an hour, I couldn’t see a single person I came along with but I continued dancing till I was gasping for some air.


I started searching for the rest of the group, that place was a freaking maze, I had no idea where I was and where I will come out from if I take a stair or a door and finally I found two guys after half an hour and they were doing the same thing. We decided we will start dancing in a spot and let others join us, so they did. Time crossed 2 but no one showed any signs of returning to the hostel, I was damn tired after the travel, games, and dancing and I desperately wanted to sleep. I slowly excused myself from the pub and started walking, tracing back the path in which we went hoping to reach the hotel. It was drizzling and by the time I reached hostel I was almost drenched but I didn’t have time to worry about these mundane things, I just slipped back into my bed and slept like a baby.

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