My Trip to Budapest – Day 2

I was extremely hungry by the time I woke up and I needed a good brunch to keep myself awake after a busy day 1. I went out with my other roommate Daniel and soon joined by Ben to a restaurant and had frittatas & Kebab which we couldn’t complete. It was a fun stroll where we lost our way in middle and finally made our way to coffee shop beside our hostel. Daniel was a yoga instructor & worked in a coffee shop in California and narrated few of his experiences on how he received hemp as tips on various occasions and promised he would teach me Yoga in case he visited Stockholm.

That days morning events included a visit to fisherman bastion, It’s a terrace stylished in neo-gothic style and situated on castle hill by the shores of Danube. We started at 1PM from our hostel and soon joined by another hostel with under same franchise. We walked down to Chain bridge but unfortunately, it was closed for the dry run of red bull air race that’s happening the next day. We had to take a detour and take Liberty bridge instead which added 2 km to our walk and a good reason to talk to each other. I met Mike another roomie, who was also a chemical engineer like me and he is on a travel for a month now before joining his job and I met Shawn from Australia who was traveling through Europe to Russia to watch the world cup and their tales about the travel and many others. It almost took an hour of walking to reach the fisherman bastion, It was a beautiful place with a lot of stairs, walking places and towers It provided a panoramic view of Danube river. We had a little photo session with Tim & Bastien while walking towards Buda Castle, which was huge and contained many alters which were built from the 13th century and also rebuilt in the 18th century. It contains national Gallery & History Museum, which we skipped. We had a taste of what’s going to happen the next day in the red bull air race with a number of pilots flying over the Danube river and under the iconic chain bridge. Adding this into my to-do list for tomorrow I have walked back to the hostel desperately trying to ease my aching legs. I had walked for more than 4 hours continuously that afternoon.

Evening was planned for a boat party by the hostel, but I was not ready to join it as I have my friend Chandu coming in the morning & after the day 1 experience, I knew we wouldn’t be back before 4 in the morning. So after dinner, I went out on my own taking a river cruise on Danube river. Ooh I couldn’t unsee the beauty that I saw that day, City was gorgeous in the morning but it’s just out of the world in the night. Cruise had taken me along the Danube river from one side of Margaret Island and returned from the other side.

I couldn’t take my eyes off from majestic Buda castle on one side and the parliament on the other side. This evening boat was the right time as this was the most pleasant moment I ever imagined as I passed calmly under the Chain bridge with bulbs on the buildings & bridge in the city flickered into life, to see this city transforming into a twinkling city of gold & the full moon shining behind the Parliament is just perfect.


I walked back to the hostel after my boat cruise and slept in silence as the entire hostel was at the boat party. 

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