My Trip to Budapest – Day 3

I woke up at 6 in the morning to receive my friend, the whole hostel is dead silent with everyone in deep sleep. I spoke with Wade who was sitting in the reception and he ha described the scenes from last night after the boat party with people literally puking all over the place, a guy returning with splinters on his face and the overcrowded washrooms, he definitely had a busy night cleaning up stuff. We had a good laugh at different stories from last night giving me a taste of what I missed.

I had my crazy girl Chandu come to Budapest on Saturday. I knew this day has to be tiring and packed with pictures, selfies & crazy things. We had already visited Amsterdam & Prague together, she is my partner in travel through Europe, at least till now before she moves back to India next month.


After we got ready our first stop was Heros Square, most noted square in Budapest known for its iconic statue complex featuring ‘Seven chieftains of Magyars’ & other prominent leaders of Hungary. We were unable to get in the square as there were some preparations going on for some unknown event but we got to look around the Arts museum and had a good stroll across the park. We have taken infinite pictures with weird poses and with our imaginary self-constructed situations giving life to every portrait. We were happy even though those stories only exist in our heads, every time we look at those images I am sure we snap back into memories of those stupid conversations.

After more than an hour of walk, it was finally time for our most awaited activity of the day, Széchenyi Thermal Bath. It was the first thing on my list after I reached Budapest, being a swimming enthusiast and a water fanatic that’s expected of me. We have taken full day pass with access to steam baths and it was worth it, the bath complex was the largest medicinal bath center in Europe. It was supposed to cure degenerative joint illness and help us relax but we seemed to receive the side effects like extreme tanning and tiredness after jumping, swimming, splashing in water for around 2-3 hours. By the time we decided to come out of our steam bath, I had made a resolution that I am going to workout to get my 6-pack and I am going to revisit this place again.


We have skipped Ecseri Flea Market from our list as we have spent most of our time in Bath, we decided to have a good meal and head back to the main town. We walked our way through the city side of the town through the Liberty bridge to the castle and made a stop at an antique store. I literally wanted to buy every item in that store, all the books, Letters, cards, typewriters, pens and many others. Finally, we decided to buy a paper globe where we could mark out the countries which we visited with a hope that I am going to mark the entire globe red before I die and that’s the legacy I will leave behind.

Walk from Castle to Fisherman’s Bastion was a very pleasant one and we were in time for the RedBull Air Race, we have seen things which I thought impossible before, planes flying just meters over Danube river and under Charles bridge and performing the teeth clenching aerobatics in the air. Adrenaline in our systems was raising to unnatural levels as we gazed at the flights taking a 360 degrees spin. I was remembering my childhood, me and my brother playing with toy planes and cars maneuvering them with our hands, this was almost same with the exception of real planes and real people piloting them.

We probably had come across 6-7 marriage couples that day having a photo shoot at the castle & Fisherman’s Bastion, we navigated our way trying to hold ourselves from photobombing them. And with a good walk around the old Buda side of Budapest and shopping wherever possible we have made our way to the hostel in time for dinner and drinking games.

Fate has a cruel sense of humor and that day Chandu had to lift the Kings cup and chug the mixture of Coke, Beer, and Jack Daniels. Games were absolutely crazy with acts including confessing our darkest secrets to beer bong to drinking our liquor in a shoe, there was no mercy that day. Later we went to pubs with the entire hostel and it time literally was a blur for next 2 hours while each one of us was showing our dance moves. We took our leave after 2 in the morning and started back to the hostel, we walked through empty streets testing our memory till we reached our destination.



The first thing we did was to hunt down for a good coffee. We had strong espresso and that had cleared our head to think straight again. I realized I probably didn’t have much time to catch my plane and started packing frenziedly, crammed all my clothes into my backpack and said my farewells to all my roomies and ran to the metro station to catch my transport to airport. Chandu came along with me till metro station giving her goodbyes, with her bus in the late night she still had a day to explore as we parted our ways.


Thus my hopeless wandering through Europe with Chandu came to an end while I continue to explore throughout my stay in Europe. Very few trips can be as crazy as my visit to Budapest, I returned home with a lot of cool friends from different countries, wonderful stories that I could narrate all my life and a new vigor to travel even more.

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