My Best Friend

The first time I was traveling on flight alone and I saw myself above the clouds, my Jaw just dropped with Awe. At that exact moment I needed someone to be beside me to express my excitement, not my parents, girlfriend or cousins; I needed my best friend. I wanted to babble about my childhood cartoon ‘Noddy & Friends’ who owned a plane and use to land on clouds from time to time, that’s the first time I ever wanted to look at earth from the clouds. It took 15 more years to realize that dream but the child who wanted that is still screaming inside with excitement and only my best friend would have been able to tolerate me at that time.

Family is important but a good friend will just make your day to day life more colorful & tasty. It’s a gift to find someone who will be able to understand your idiosyncrasies, your tantrums, your excitements, your goals and your feelings. I feel lucky to have many good friends and absolutely grateful to have a very best friend through every phase of my life till now. They are the building blocks on which I lay down my social infrastructure, the roots of my social relationship tree & partners in crime. It’s in the basic human nature that we look for companions and comrades to fight our wars of life, I am happy that I have found mine right at the start.

Things I learned at school from teachers are very miniscule in comparison to the lessons I learned from the experiences with friends. As I look back they have taught me how to escape a boring class, how to enjoy the classroom punishment, how to use curse words innovatively, how to play video games, how to eat a pizza & burger, how to work as a team, how to buy a movie ticket, how to approach my crush, how to fight, how to get drunk, how to survive lab experiments, how to complete an impossible project, how to dance, how to cook, how to plan a trip, how to just waste time, how to do crazy things, how to take pictures, how to be an adult, how to travel the world, how to laugh in the face of despair, how to love, how to hate,how to handle loss, how to be kind and most importantly how to be there for each other even when we are not around. Those are life lessons only friends can teach at different stages of life and I always had the very best to teach me.

I always think my best friend is the ‘Doctor Who’ who will come up with the most craziest of ideas to save the day and he has different faces as he travels through space and time in his stupid blue telephone box. That raggedy man who sat beside me through my school days, who always inspired me to be a better person through my Inter days, who fought every battle with me in lab sessions through my college days, who just entered my world and changed it for good. Our friendship had molded itself in the heat of numerous adventures and adversities, it had been hammered in the twilight of both exiting expeditions and mundane activities, insane laughter and heartbreaking loss, words of wisdom and useless banter, It had been sharpened by the memories we shared and is ready to face the test of time.

Friends Forever Wallpaper  Best friends forever quotes images and friends wallpapers

We might be separated by time zones and oceans but I wake up every day and step out of bed with a belief that I have people who will always have my back when the going gets tough. For that, I am thankful for my best friend.

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