Year in Review – 2018

We heard the phrase ‘Time Flies’ but this year it didn’t just fly, It came as a cyclone, engulfed me in it’s whirlwind and spit me out in 2019. It was a struggle, a real struggle trying to break through it but I think I gave in at one point and just went with the flow, round and round, from hopeless weekdays to lonely weekends to over exciting travels.

It wasn’t all gloomy, not at all. It was bright, too bright for my eyes, and for an external eye, it feels like it was way too colorful and full of light. It started in Bangalore just after returning from a hectic trip to Goa, air was calm, pleasant with a promise of adventure when I welcomed it. This air took me to places I hoped to visit from my childhood, made me experience the lifestyles/things I dreamed for ages & left me frenziedly in the end.

2018 will be a year to reckon in the future when I have to tell ‘My Adventures in the West’ to my future generations 😛. This year, I had many farewells and welcome backs, flied to many more countries, made many new friends all around the world, witnessed many new cultures, aimlessly wandered many calm streets, parks & pubs, read many old classics, cooked many new varieties, got frustrated many more times than usual, wrote many more poems, spoke with many more strangers, had many more adventures & experienced many more weird/beautiful things in my journey from Bangalore to Sweden to Chennai.

2018 in all its uniqueness taught me so many things from cooking to backpacking, from living alone to travelling with a little kid, from family to friendship, from what I like to what really matters, from sheer delight to utter loss, It was a roller-coaster ride, I embraced every last bit and it changed me in very subtle ways I am trying to discover myself along with outside world. This Year was the first time I truly lived alone all by myself, Learnt cooking, cleaning, shopping, travelling & living. I understood this world is a beautiful place filled with many wonderful people who are willing to help, all you need is ask. I was fortunate I encountered many people who helped me even without asking and have been very kind to me that changed my view on the world.

Even though I was completely far from home for 6 months & haven’t met my best friend in person this complete year, I feel like I have spent some quality time at home, with my parents, brother, cousins, family & friends. Distance patched up all the small differences we ever had and showed me what really mattered. Distance made me appreciate all the small things that they do in their life consciously/ subconsciously to make my life better.

This year have been life changing for me and gave an insight into myself. I am not saying I have found what I want in life this year but I have surprised myself quite many times this year which set me up on a new journey, not as the same old fun seeking carefree boy from 2018 but as responsible adult in 2019.

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