In Deep Waters

Hello Awesome,

It’s been some time since I posted in my blog. Its been tough few months and I was on a journey to understand what I want from life & needed to get my priorities right. In the process I needed to keep all my little hobbies of travelling and writing aside for sometime.

But now I understood that setting things I like on side will only make the process tougher. So I am back and what better way to start than to write a poem about the situation at hand.

 It feels like I am drowning in an ocean,
With a wooden log barely enough to support my emotion.
I don’t know how I ended up here trying to avoid the commotion,
Choking to death not knowing where to put my devotion.

I was optimistic about finding my callings at first,
But I couldn't see any island nearby which could quench my thirst,
And drinking ocean water in the process only made it worse;
Falling into this loop which eventually became my curse.

My prune fingers gripped the log as tight as I could.
My shivering body sent out ripples around my driftwood,
Hoping help would come my way looking for the source.
But of course all I got in the end is my self remorse.

I waited for days, months, years maybe, How can I ever be sure?
All I know is the blazing sun & the freezing moon taking me on a tour.
The day and night, summer and winter, heat and cold,
I prayed for these meaningless cycles to end while my purpose unfold.

I am done waiting in these god forsaken water waiting for relief,
I picked a direction and started swimming, clinging to my belief.
I don’t care if the direction is wrong as long as I am moving,
I am sure I will find a place somewhere I feel like loving.

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