Road to Grandma’s House

This might be the saddest poem I have ever written. My journey from airport to my grandma’s house knowing that this is the last time I will ever see her physically made me never forget those tense 3 hrs. She passed away in March this year but her smiling face supporting me in my every endeavor always stays fresh in my memories.

If I have to choose one favorite place on earth, I would have chosen my grandma’s house. Only after she left that I realized, that place was my refuge from the whole world because of her. She made that place the favorite place in the world for her every grand child. This was the poem on those heart wrenching 3 hours I spent to reach her funeral.

A long road awaits me before I can see her,

I am 200 kms away with 2000 memories running in my head.

These last 25 years just passed by me in a blur,

Filtering every memory when she caressed me out of my bed.

I am 100 kms away as a temple appears at the corner,

I remember her praying to every deity imaginable, for my well being.

Demanding a better life for her grandkid more than her daughter,

Even those celestials cannot distract me now from how I am feeling.

I am 50 kms away and a village pass by, I see a lady feeding her kids,

I remember her feeding all her grandkids with the patience akin to mother nature.

No volcanic eruption in family could buy her love with bids,

I only wish she was a bit selfish, but that would defy her every feature.

I am 10 kms away and I see an empty school with open gates,

I remember my brother teasing her on why she left her school so early.

Matching her to a school headmaster, binding their fates,

And how she now commands her principal and a school of kids so fairly.

I am 100 meters away and I see the road melting into my grandma’s place,

That house was the refuge for all her grandkids, away from all the chaos.

Millions of memories, laughter and joy defined that space.

This road ends here, so was hers as she finds her way into cosmos.

Picture of my ever youthful grandma.

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