Writers Muse

What makes a writer click? My muse lies in the calm night when the entire world sleeps and silent winds comes to visit me. This is a poem about night and how it teases me to write more.

Ooh my gloomy partner, have you come to visit me again?

With the swooshes and muffed cracking sound of the leaves you approach,

And walk me down the memory lane, drenching me like a rain.

Here I sit on my desk with a pen in hand accepting you as my coach.

Ooh my dusky friend, can’t you cut me some slack tonight?

My thoughts today are like chandelier hung from roof with a thin thread,

One gentle breeze can bring down all my emotions to light.

And here I write, responding to your every nudge with dread.

Ooh my afterglow guest, would you ever take some rest?

Shooting stars through my window to stir my emotions,

Sending moon to play hide and seek to bring out my best,

And here my pen’s shadow dances in twilight with an unparalleled devotion.
What are your muses that makes you indulge in art/poetry?

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